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Spring 2023

Bev Daisy Jones.jpg

Bev Benfell

New Album : Daisy Jones and the Six        Release Date 19th April

Here an inspired collection of covers from Ruclona's premier artist from the 'Pickwick' division of our label.......Inspired by what you may ask.....well, the Amazon Prime TV series, 'Daisy Jones & the Six' of course. Also, a big thank you is due to our very helpful friends at Burning Girl Records in putting this together.

Lady B

New Single : UnRavelling
Release date May 4th 2023

Here's a bit more Lady B for this release the enigmatic new age chantress gives us a few post-covid thoughts over-layed onto contemporary vibes. Close your eyes and you can clearly see all the colours and soldiers with tin helmets and  in a green-ish smokey sepia tone with loads of robotic type peoples being marched onwards being silently controlled and being subliminally indoctrinated-

(Hope I’m
not being watched )!!

Pussy Revolution

New Single : Into The Fire
Release date May 1st 2023

I know we've been banging on about the forthcoming Pussy Revolution album longer than we all care to remember here's a little taster to prove we're not complete bullshitters......and expect more Pussy product soon!

Into the Fire Flattened.jpg

                                 Winter 2022

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Russ Pay featuring Yoshika Colwell

The Child In The Car

A beautiful piece from these two new artists to Ruclona

Release Date 31st January 2023 

Autumn 2022

QWEH, Bolero : 'El Danza De La Urraca'


Just a little ditty to keep Bev 'In Your Thoughts' whilst she nurtures her second album

September 12th, 2022

Well, QWEH is back with a bang......this will take you by surprise.....I'd be interested to hear what 'QWEH' fans think of this foray into the Classical arena, but be warned ...I know where both of you live! Out on the 13th September, but you can pre-order now before your gas bill goes up ........

Bev Benfell, Undone

September 19th, 2022

The Swarf Sisters, Dead Girl In The Pool

Dead Girl JPEG .jpg

September 27th, 2022

They say good things come in threes ........and here's the proof, Ruclona's 3rd and final single release for September, all ready to go....yet another from those prolific Swarfs, and if you thought the last one was ain't heard nothing yet!

'Check the website for details, Terms and Conditions apply'.......

Lift MFE 2 Flattened JPEG_edited.jpg
magpie-2 Flattened JPEG.jpg

LIFT: Music For Elevators
Out 18-11-22

In the halcyon days when Top of The Pops meant something, I loved the fact that there was always room for that one off instrumental hit. Everything from the awesome "Classical Gas' by Mason Williams, the Iconic 'Whole Lotta Love' by CCS through to the ground breaking 'Popcorn' by Hot Butter and the not so ground breaking 'Eye Level' by the Simon Park Orchestra.
So here it is, QWEH's first album, a compilation of eclectic original instrumentals paying homage to those themes, scores and random pieces of music which have had  everlasting influence on the QWEH psyche throughout the years.
The album blasts off with 'Gaslight Groove', the most contemporary offering, with smatterings of Paul 'Big Brother' Oakenfold and a few 'Hot' and 'Buttery themes floating through the mix.Moving swiftly onto 'The Garden of England', which is a nod to the english hippy prog rockers of yesteryear such as early Floyd, Gong, Caravan etc. who let's face it with their 20 min solos, created more instrumentals, than they did song!
Back to themes and scores though.....the whole world was touched by Barry , Bacharach and Morricone and travelling along tracks 3, 4 and 6, 'Full Monte Casino', 'Rudy's Bar' and 'Il Bello, Il Azzura and Il Campana' should evoke those essential flavours.
Speaking of travelling, don't board the Easyjet flight to Alicante without downloading Track 5, Bolero; 'El Danza De La Urraca' a perfect canvas when your looking through the coach window across the arid, barren Spanish wastelands on your way to the hotel.
If you are one of those people who will only contemplate instrumental music as a tool to aid your Yoga regime or some sort of 'new age' relaxation therapy then Tracks 7 and 9 'A Walk In The Park' and 'Eine Kleine Rechnung' could be the answer. Almost there, but not without a doth of the cap to the early 70's glamsters like Cozy Powell in the form of Worldglam 22 ..........
( P.S. Don't forget to add it to your upcoming WorldCup playlist.)

                                                       Kindest Regards,
                                                                                  QWEH xxx

                               Summer 2022

Time and Tide.jpg

x-blu 'Time and Tide'

5th August 2022

x-blu's second single and follow up to their acclaimed debut 'Fear'......brimming with new wave/alternative delights as you would expect! Dani is a punk!

sonic boom cover.jpeg

Swarf Sisters Single 'Sonic Boom'

12 August 2022

After some blood letting in the Ruclona Records 'Tea Rooms' a decision has been made and it was decided to let this one go...........a big thanks to new Swarf contributor Rufus for this and also Silverback, this is dedicated to all who have had traumas in their's been emotional!

Winter 2021


x-blu Single 'Fear'

Out Now

Think of Siouxsie and Nico on a bender, dancing to JD  in a black-washed Punk club whilst waiting for the P Furs to come on stage ...... stumbling home, getting out another bottle of wine, a 5-string acoustic git, then trying to play Bo Diddley!...x-blu....... a perfect signing for the nutters at Ruclona!

Pussy Revolution Single 'New Rose'

Out Now

First record punk record I heard on 'Peel' in 76...The Damned and New was always begging for a no nonsense, balls to the wall cover version...but never really got it ( apart from the little known 'Bastard Squad' version of course)..... well, beg no more it is....listen loud and listen proud....

New Rose ruff.jpg

Autumn 2021

Lady B Single 'A Letter To Ray"

Out Now

At last....when I told everybody that Lady B had surpassed the eclectic genius that was "In Your Dreams".....they just laughed and said, "In Your Dreams".....but here's the proof people! "A Letter To Ray" stores 10th September.....have a listen and judge for yourself

LETTER TO RAY 2 3k flattened.jpg
Trouble is.jpg

Swarf Sisters Single 'Trouble is'

Out Now

As you know the cult entity fondly known The Swarf Sisters made a brief but long awaited appearance on Ruclona featuring with Qweh on his first single release Coco Robicheaux. 'Coco'  was recorded last winter during lockdown with Swarf and Qweh. Once summer came and restrictions lifted it was able to escape the testosterone filled nightmare and spend the Summer in a much more kinder and feminine place, with it's mum, Beverley Sister, auntie, Lady B and Uncle Silverback.....And when it wasn't frolicking through the green fields of Kent and Sussex, it was able to produce the next single 'Trouble Is' which is out in stores 1st October....a must for all Swarf fans young and old..............

It is back at uni now but promises to return to it's parents for the Xmas break...with ideas for the album....but with which parents will it be spending the festivities? who knows? the custody battle begins...AGAIN!

Summer 2021

Out Now

FLATTENED Euro21.jpg

Bev Benfell Album 'Almost But Not Quite"

June 25th 2021

Almost,.....ready to talk about Bev's new're all familiar with the first track, Bluebell.  Released as a single due to popular demand (mainly from the freaks and geeks!) and was the follow up to the QWEH/Tim Barton produced Comme Ci Comme Ca which appears third on this opus. The second track digs right back into Bev's major record company era ........Primitive Rose was a ditty penned by Peter C-Swash for The Voices which never really saw the light of day but always remained a glimmer in the back of Bev's consciousness. Bev's close artistic friend and collaborator Lady B, also recognised the brilliance of the song and features on BV's on this version.....Which brings us neatly on to Little Bill. A Bev/Lady B classic written during their Lunachic day and musically resurrected by the genius known as Silverback (Russ Pay). In Your Thoughts ...... imagine Kylie lying on her therapist's couch with The Sneaker Pimps and The Unloved blaring out of the tannoy system, and your pretty much there. The highlight of the album for me is Walking In Your Sleep. Written by Bev in the midst of recording the album, inspired by the passing of our dear friend and musician Kevin Pointing who suffered from MS for over 25 years. He actually said to Bev that he used to dream constantly that he could still walk during his many years of being wheelchair out for a charity single coming soon. Streets Are Empty is Bev's and QWEH's re-imagining of the the first Cars That Collide object lesson in how to make a sparky pop song sound moody. Bev entered 'Cyprusvision 2019' with the song Girls from Katina and won! ....the panel were obviously  unable to resist the catchy Latin pop vibe......Magpie - Banshees, Metallica or Provenzano...I'll let you the listener pull the threads out of of this eclectic master piece. Wrapping up the album, Bev treats us to a radical cover version of Feeling Groovy, a dub reggae wash, so far removed from the original that Bev and QWEH were nearly brave enough to ask the mighty Paul Simon for a writing credit...but not quite

QWEH Single 'Euro Glam 21'

9th July 2021

Fed up with the BBC and ITV theme tunes for the Euros?.....Well try this and you'll never be the same again.........

Spring 2021

Out Now


Bev Benfell, In Your Thoughts

February 28th 2021

Following on from Waterfall, Comme Ci Comme Ca and Bluebell this is Bev’s fourth single release as a solo artist under her own name. In Your Thoughts is yet another departure from the styles set down on her previous singles and delves into the electronic dance world with a an Eilish/Kylie feel laced with a dark psychological edge. This is a song penned by Peter C-Swash, her old songwriting pal from 80’s band The Voices and produced as usual by QWEH. This will be her last Single release before her new album ‘Almost but Not Quite’ which she is working on as we speak. With a following wind , the album should be out by end March/April but hopefully this single will give you something to wiggle your bits to until then.

The Ten Pound Tourists featuring Twin Beat
Waking Hour 12" Single

12th February 2021

Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK) is a term that originated in the United States, and it refers to a perceived awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice. It derives from the African-American Vernacular English expression, stay woke, whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues.

Written over 30 years ago and sadly just as relevant now........Waking Hour is a tribute to the to the 'Woke' folk, since it's better to be awake, than to sleepwalk into a fascist dictatorship .........apologies for the hints of PWL creeping through the sound but as they say "You can take the boy out of the 80's but you can't take the 80's out of the boy......" and remember this was conceived and recorded when the Alabama 3 were still in short trousers!

Winter 2020

Out Now

3kBeeVaSPACE ROCKETflattened.jpg

The Ten Pound Tourists featuring BeeVa and Silverback, Space Rocket 
12" Re-Master

December 11th 2020

In the history of popular music there is one genre that has outlived, outgrown and outsold all the others. It has been with us since and before the beginning of Rock 'n Roll itself! What is it? I hear you cry.
Well, throughout the years it's irresistible force has attracted all of us under many different guises. It has been known as Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rhumba, Samba, Salsa, Merengue, Jive, Soul, Motown, Funk, Electro, Disco, Rap, Gangster Rap, Hip Hop, Trance etc.etc.
I call it Dance Music.
The most modest Mods, the rockiest Rock 'n Rollers, the punkiest Punks, the heaviest Metal heads, the hippest Hippies, the most gothic Goths, the skinniest Skinheads and the most beaten of Beatniks have all succumbed one way or another, to the hypnotic beat of dance record. Whether it was in a pub, club, disco or church hall: on holiday, at your daughter's wedding, stag or hen do, or a Xmas party - you are all guilty! ( alcohol by the way is no excuse).
Musicians of all shapes and sizes have also played their part in the growth of the "Dance Music Monster'. Many have hung up their precious guitar, amps and drum kits in favour of a sequencer and drum- machine in search of that (well it must be easy!) one-off dance hit........In the late 80's / early 90's ...............The Ten Pound Tourists were no exception.................

Kevin Pointing, Pick Up The Pieces Single

December 4th 2020

Kevin Pointing, a fine lead and rhythm guitarist who is greatly influenced by American AOR and Funk. This made him QWEH's first choice to play guitar on the late 80's dance/hip hop track 'Pick Up The Pieces'. Kevin has been waging a war with Multiple Sclerosis for the last 25 years and as he enters his final battle with the disease, this release is a fine tribute to Kevin and his musical talent. The term 'Life and Soul of the Party' is often overused when paying tribute, but in this case, it is a perfect description of Kevin and although this terrible disease has ravaged him physically, his 'Life and Soul' remains undiminished.

QWEH featuring Lady B

November 23rd 2020

This the first outing for an exciting new QWEH collaboration with Lady B. She and QWEH haven't worked together since the glory days of the Swarf Sisters have managed to create a perfect follow up for Ruclona's first release Coco Robicheaux which featured the poetic charms of Swarf. The track In Your Dreams went under the apt working title of 'Snarling Buds at Prey' since it features a set of Lady B lyrics which hold a magnifying glass to life growing up in the  'Garden of England'. As she adds her alternative twist to this idyllic setting QWEH underpins the story picking up on psychedelic atmosphere with a bit of Jarresque inspired background. If you got onboard with 'Coco' then here is your next challenge......Good luck!

QWEH featuring Silverback and Lady B, Yellow (12" Remastered)

November 16th 2020

This is the first release on Ruclonas's Vintage series. A fine way to start fulfilling it's goal of bringing overlooked and unreleased music to the unsuspecting masses. Also, this is the labels first foray into the scary world of dance. Unfortunately, we won't learn our lesson so expect more to come.....
Pin your ears back or forward....your choice!

Bev Benfell
Bluebell (Single)

9th November 2020

Here's a bit of background on Bev's next single due for release on the 9th usual a self-penned song, but it is a departure from the 60’s pop chanson psychedelic pop inspiration for her first Ruclona single, "Comme Ci Comme Ca" which drew on QWEH's John Barry influences. "Bluebell" owes more to her love of indie girl alternatives and their part in atmospheric T.V. themes. The song is a creative reaction to COVID and allowed QWEH to add his usual filmic flavour to the sound, in this case dabbling with some Morricone ingredients.........Enjoy

Autumn 2020

Out Now

QWEH featuring The Swarf Sisters
Coco Robicheaux EP

The first dabble back in Swarf Sisters world for QWEH since he took a sabbatical in 'Straightsland' shortly after the release of the much acclaimed 'Midwife Crisis' album all those years ago. Teaming up with Swarf himself for this one, it's everything you would expect from them...challenging verbage, an eclectic soundscape and even some signature vocal input from Beverley Sister herself.....sit back and enjoy, then book yourself into rehab in case they do something never know

COCO flattened .jpg

Bev Benfell
Comme Ci Comme Ca EP

Bev's first single release on Ruclona. Written by her whilst on vacation in La Belle France with QWEH and Tim Barton funnily enough. In fact Tim makes a mighty contribution with his Guitar and Bass playing and drum programming. QWEH completed the production by trying to capture the 60's film noir textures......Ecoutez!

COMME CI 2.jpg

QWEH  featuring Cars That Collide
Never Break Single

QWEH's first interpretation of a Peter C-Swash song.....Lot's of Glam pretentions.....but what do you expect from a couple of Slade and Mud fans growing up in the early seventies and watching TOTP every Thursday


QWEH  featuring Cars That Collide
Never Break (Self Isolation Mix)

Forget the glam version of this, throw away the platforms and glitter capes put yourself with the downbeats in a run down Alabama bar in the thirties and proceed on your journey to redemption.

NEVER BREAK Self Iso 2 flattened.jpg
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