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This is the first in a two part series of auto-biographical accounts of an unknown's search for fame and fortune in the UK's Music Industry in the late seventies and early eighties. Written in 2004, it is a humourous, witty, sometimes uplifting and sometimes depressing account of a young teenager's the journey through the perils of the British music industry. Containing some interesting and unique insights into the worlds of the Rock, Punk, Mod and New Romantic music of the time..... it is a must for any music buff worth their salt.
NB. If you liked Lost in Music By Giles Smith.....Then you'll love this.

The following reviews should give you a clue.........

“ ‘ Virgin to Angel’ is a gripping account that moves at a breathtakingly, fast pace but doesn’t once trip over it’s own shoelaces.

“Lee Benfell has certainly lost his virginity with this one and given the music industry a good old fashioned shagging in the process!”

“If you are being driven to distraction by your own star-struck teenagers, then give your son or daughter this for Xmas. That’ll sort em.”

“A beautifully crafted web of intrigue, giving a unique perspective on the Music industry, who is this Lee Benfell, genius?”

“ Burn all those dusty old Biographies of faded Rock ’n Rollers you have on your bookshelf - this is the only one you’ll ever need.

“If you’ve ever listened to a pop record in the last 30 years, then buy this book.”

“ With his quippy Brysonesque style, Lee Benfell provides the perfect travel guide for those who want to follow the Rock n Roll dream.”


A Controlled Enviroment is the compelling and sinister debut work from London based author, Georgie Kimpton. In 2006 building contractor, Lee Smalling pulled off the most audacious cash heist in British criminal history. On the night of February 24th, he brazenly entered the Securitex cash depot in Ashford, Kent and made off with over fifty four million pounds in used bank notes. Sadly within hours of stashing the money, he forgot all about it! The tabloids dubbed it 'Cashford'. Will her first case as officer in charge prove to be the last for DI Julia Winters? How can she discover the truth when her leading suspects appear to have had all knowledge of the job completely erased from their minds?

Originally published: 2010

AuthorGeorgie Kimpton

Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Crime Fiction

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