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Falling in the Fall 2022

QWEH, Bolero : 'El Danza De La Urraca'

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Bev Benfell, Undone


The Swarf Sisters, Dead Girl In The Pool

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September 27th, 2022

They say good things come in threes ........and here's the proof, Ruclona's 3rd and final single release for September, all ready to go....yet another from those prolific Swarfs, and if you thought the last one was ain't heard nothing yet!

'Check the website for details, Terms and Conditions apply'.......

September 19th, 2022

Just a little ditty to keep Bev 'In Your Thoughts' whilst she nurtures her second album

September 12th, 2022

Well, QWEH is back with a bang......this will take you by surprise.....I'd be interested to hear what 'QWEH' fans think of this foray into the Classical arena, but be warned ...I know where both of you live! Out on the 13th September, but you can pre-order now before your gas bill goes up ........

LIFT: Music For Elevators
Out 18-11-22

In the halcyon days when Top of The Pops meant something, I loved the fact that there was always room for that one off instrumental hit. Everything from the awesome "Classical Gas' by Mason Williams, the Iconic 'Whole Lotta Love' by CCS through to the ground breaking 'Popcorn' by Hot Butter and the not so ground breaking 'Eye Level' by the Simon Park Orchestra.
So here it is, QWEH's first album, a compilation of eclectic original instrumentals paying homage to those themes, scores and random pieces of music which have had  everlasting influence on the QWEH psyche throughout the years.
The album blasts off with 'Gaslight Groove', the most contemporary offering, with smatterings of Paul 'Big Brother' Oakenfold and a few 'Hot' and 'Buttery themes floating through the mix.Moving swiftly onto 'The Garden of England', which is a nod to the english hippy prog rockers of yesteryear such as early Floyd, Gong, Caravan etc. who let's face it with their 20 min solos, created more instrumentals, than they did song!
Back to themes and scores though.....the whole world was touched by Barry , Bacharach and Morricone and travelling along tracks 3, 4 and 6, 'Full Monte Casino', 'Rudy's Bar' and 'Il Bello, Il Azzura and Il Campana' should evoke those essential flavours.
Speaking of travelling, don't board the Easyjet flight to Alicante without downloading Track 5, Bolero; 'El Danza De La Urraca' a perfect canvas when your looking through the coach window across the arid, barren Spanish wastelands on your way to the hotel.
If you are one of those people who will only contemplate instrumental music as a tool to aid your Yoga regime or some sort of 'new age' relaxation therapy then Tracks 7 and 9 'A Walk In The Park' and 'Eine Kleine Rechnung' could be the answer. Almost there, but not without a doth of the cap to the early 70's glamsters like Cozy Powell in the form of Worldglam 22 ..........
( P.S. Don't forget to add it to your upcoming WorldCup playlist.)

                                                       Kindest Regards,
                                                                                  QWEH xxx

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