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Coming Soon, Autumn 2021

I love Autumn...everything's getting darker and dropping quickly....just like the releases from Ruclona Records! 

Here at QWEH mansions we have been working on three new delectable little dittys for you.......

Firstly, the fabulous Lady B, 'A Letter To Ray' which is out now and just waiting for you to liberate, is another Ruclona second single follow up, from the mighty Swarf Sisters no less, 'Trouble Is' and lastly but not leastly, we have a debut single release from a brand new artist from outside our usual stable, namely the alternative South London cult band x-blu, 'Fear'.

All will appear September thru October and will be waiting for you when you return from vacations together with your PCR tests......I bet you can't wait!

LETTER TO RAY 2 3k flattened.jpg

Lady B Single 'A Letter To Ray"

Out Now

At last....when I told everybody that Lady B had surpassed the eclectic genius that was "In Your Dreams".....they just laughed and said, "In Your Dreams".....but here's the proof people! "A Letter To Ray" stores 10th September.....have a listen and judge for yourself

Trouble is.jpg

Swarf Sisters Single 'Trouble is'

1st October 2021

As you know the cult entity fondly known The Swarf Sisters made a brief but long awaited appearance on Ruclona featuring with Qweh on his first single release Coco Robicheaux. 'Coco'  was recorded last winter during lockdown with Swarf and Qweh. Once summer came and restrictions lifted it was able to escape the testosterone filled nightmare and spend the Summer in a much more kinder and feminine place, with it's mum, Beverley Sister, auntie, Lady B and Uncle Silverback.....And when it wasn't frolicking through the green fields of Kent and Sussex, it was able to produce the next single 'Trouble Is' which is out in stores 1st October....a must for all Swarf fans young and old..............

It is back at uni now but promises to return to it's parents for the Xmas break...with ideas for the album....but with which parents will it be spending the festivities? who knows? the custody battle begins...AGAIN!


x-blu Single 'Fear'

19th November 2021

Think of Siouxsie and Nico on a bender, dancing to JD  in a black-washed Punk club whilst waiting for the P Furs to come on stage ...... stumbling home, getting out another bottle of wine, a 5-string acoustic git, then trying to play Bo Diddley!...x-blu....... a perfect signing for the nutters at Ruclona!

New Rose ruff.jpg

Pussy Revolution Single 'New Rose'

30th November 2021

First record punk record I heard on 'Peel' in 76...The Damned and New was always begging for a no nonsense, balls to the wall cover version...but never really got it ( apart from the little known 'Bastard Squad' version of course)..... well, beg no more it is....listen loud and listen proud....